Author:  Michael J. Kok (contact: mike_kok@hotmail.com)

This information was last updated on June 21, 2014.

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Theology with a Specialization in Biblical Studies (Taylor University College), Master of Arts in Religious Studies (University of Alberta), PhD in Biblical Studies (University of Sheffield)


Conference Presentations:

  • “Does Mark Narrate the Pauline Kerygma of ‘Christ Crucified’? Challenging an Emerging Consensus on Mark as a Pauline Gospel” (SBL Regional, Calgary, May 2014).
  • “Papias and Matthew’s Logia: A Reference to Canonical Matthew, Q or Another Lost Writing?” (SBL Annual, Baltimore, November 2013).
  • “The Ambivalent Patristic Reception of Mark” (SBL International, St. Andrews, July 2013).
  • “The Traditions on the Evangelist Mark in Clement of Alexandria” (EABS Graduate Symposium, Sheffield, March 2013).
  • “The Reception of Mark in Irenaeus’s Adversus Haeresis” (Sheffield, Manchester, Durham Student Conference, March 2013).
  • “Who is the True Israel? Christian Ethnocentrism in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho the Jew” (The Bible, Zionism and Palestine Conference, Sheffield, May 2012).
  • “Papias and the Four Canonical Gospels” (Sheffield, Manchester, Durham Student Conference, April 2012).
  • “A Contested Covenant: Constructing a Christian Ethnic Identity in the Epistle of Barnabas” (SBL Annual, San Francisco, Nov 2011).
  • “The Flawed Evangelist (John) Mark: Reading Luke-Acts in Light of Papias” (SBL Annual, San Francisco, Nov 2011).
  • “From Paul’s Fellow Worker to Peter’s Son: the Function of ‘Mark’ in the Pseudonymous Framework of 1 Peter” (SBL International, London, July 2011).
  • “The True Covenant People: Ethnic Reasoning in the Epistle of Barnabas” (Religious Studies Conference, University of Lethbridge, May 2010).
  • “Ethnic Reasoning and Anti-Judaean Rhetoric in Early Christianity” (Graduate Seminar, University of Alberta, January 2010).


  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Scholarship (University of Sheffield)
  • ORSAS award (University of Sheffield)
  • Alberta Advanced Education Scholarship (Gov’t of Alberta)
  • Walter H. Johns Graduate Fellowship (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Alberta)
  • CGS – Masters Scholarship (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Gov’t of Canada)
  • The Award in Sr. New Testament (Taylor University College)
  • Jason Lang Scholarship (Taylor University College, renewable 2003-2007)
  • President’s Entrance Scholarship (Taylor University College, renewable 2003-2007)
  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarship (2001-2003)

2 Responses to About

  1. Richard Osborn says:

    Hi, I have just discovered your work and your blog. I am assuming that you have addressed the issue of how your work impacts the issue of whether Markan priority is valid. Could you please direct me to this?
    Thank you for all the hard work you have done,
    Richard Osborn

  2. Hi Richard, check out my posts under “Synoptic Problem” or my review article http://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/how-do-you-solve-a-problem-like-mark/. Best wishes.

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