The Future of the Blog

June 21, 2014

The time has come to stop posting regularly at this blog, which was originally intended to supplement my research on Mark’s Gospel while undertaking a PhD, but I will leave it up as an educational resource.  I decided that I wanted to keep a select post or two under each major category on the right-hand side, so I combined or reworked older posts and removed the comments since they were responses to older forms of the posts.  There are discussions of issues pertaining to the Gospel of Mark (authorship, date, provenance, genre, reception, Christology, eschatology, “Secret Mark”), critical methodologies (source, form, redaction, literary, and ideological criticism), introductory New Testament discussions (timeline of early Christianity, historical Jesus, Synoptic Problem, John and the Synoptics, non-canonical Gospels, perspectives on Paul, the book of Acts), and other student resources.  I plan to write the odd guest post that will be more directed to the person in the pew for the site Bible Study and the Christian Life and continue to interact with the many excellent biblioblogs out there; I will also occasionally update this space to announce future publications or guest lectures.  I hope this site will be useful for scholars, students, pastors, and interested laypersons.  Thank you to everyone who has read and provided critical feedback to my posts over the years.