The Latin Prologues on the Gospels

For those interested in the Latin Prologues attached to the Gospels found in manuscripts from the fourth to fourteenth century, instead of putting them all up here I will just point you to Ben C. Smith’s website for the full Latin texts and translations of the so-called “Anti-Marcionite” prologues (the second century dating, Roman provenance, and unitary purpose in refuting Marcionism has first put forward by De Bruyne has been challenged in subsequent scholarship) and the “Monarchian” Prologues (Monarchians view the deity as appearing in different modes as Father, Son or Spirit as opposed to trinitarianism where God consists of three co-eternal Persons in one essence).  If you are interested in exploring some of the idiosyncratic claims about the individual evangelists made in the prologues based on traditions contemporary in their day, such as Mark as stump-fingered (cf. Hippolytus, Refutations 7.30) along with the various rationalizations offered for this odd description, Luke as a Syrian who remained celibate and wrote in the regions of Achaea, John as opposing the adoptionist Cerinthus/the Jewish-Christian Ebionites or that Papias served as his scribe, the following bibliography may be helpful:

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