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Since I was unable to go to SBL, I read various comments about the sessions and social life over Facebook and Twitter (though I refuse to join Twitter in addition to email, facebook and blogging).  Below are some summaries of other bloggers about their experiences at SBL.  I am especially interested in hearing the news about the sessions about Kloppenborg on Q, Thomas and the Synoptics, the provenance or sources of Mark, new methods on the historical Jesus, book reviews, engaging the media (e.g., the session with Jacobovici, Tabor, Cargill, Rollston), Acts in the 2nd century or any other interesting sessions and I would like to continually update the links below as more posts come in:

  • John Hobbins posted his paper online
  • Joel Watts posted a video of his paper online and several pictures
  • James McGrath posted his paper online and speaks about the bloggers gathering.  He also adds thoughts on John Dominic Crossan’s presidential address about the resurrection in Eastern Iconography (and thanks James for linking to this post)
  • Jim Davila posted his paper online
  • Larry Hurtado reviews the Jewish Annotated New Testament
  • Amanda MacInnis reviews the ETS meeting here, here, here, and here
  • Marc Cortez will be blogging on his paper on Barth mentioned by Amanda above
  • James Tabor speaks about the involvement of the UNC Charlotte Department of Religion at SBL
  • Brenda contrasts the atmosphere of a session on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture with a Taizé service
  • Brian LePort reviews the people he met and sessions he attended
  • Mark Hoffman reviews the conference experience and sessions he attended
  • Anthony Le Donne had a better experience than others at the sessions (he presented at the same session as my PhD advisor).  He also challenges a colleague Gunnar Sammuelsson with whom he shared a panel on whether Jesus was executed on a cross
  • Ben Myers reviews an AAR session on James Cone in poetic verse
  • Mike Z. covers sessions on Intertextuality, the literary sources of Mark, presenting at SBL, Crook’s Gospel Synopsis and Biblioblogging (see also that he mentioned Gathercole’s response to a question he asked in the session on Thomas in the comments of his post)
  • Ken Schenk has a few thoughts on SBL here and here
  • Steve Wiggins has some sobering thoughts about the relevance of AAR/SBL to thoe outside the guild
  • Jim Linville had a little too much to drink.  Oh, and he has just added some reflections on the two papers he gave at the Metacriticizing Biblical Scholarship section, another session I think would have been fun to sit in on.
  • Ferrell Jenkins reflects on NEAS and SBL as well as posting the plenary sessions at ETS.
  • Mark Goodacre reviews the conference and the use of Twitter, his role in chairing the Media and Archaeology session, and participating in other sessions (Thomas and the Synoptics, reviewing Zeba Crook’s Interlinear)
  • Peter M. Head reflects on a text criticism section and the Tyndale Breakfast (oh, and did anyone take advantage of the supersale of the book The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission?)
  • Sean Winter covers the good and the bad at this years SBL; among the good was a paper by Dale Allison for the John, Jesus and History unit and a festschrift for Christopher Rowland.
  • Matthew Novenson highlights contributions to SBL from scholars from Edinburgh
  • Loren Rosson posts Zeba Crook’s rebuttal to Mark Goodacre’s critique of his Gospel Synopsis and Goodacre’s rejoinder (Joel Watts also weights in on the discussion)
  • Roland Boer reviews the best and worst sessions he attended having to do with Imperialism and Theory at SBL/AAR.
  • Cory Taylor posted his paper on biblioblogging and factors that increase traffic to blogs.
  • Nijah K. Gupta covers the session for the Institute of Biblical Research on the use of the OT in the NT and his two papers for the Johannine Literature and Religious World of Late Antiquity groups.
  • Tony Burke mentions some new books on the Apocrypha he picked up at SBL and also gets readers excited for his forthcoming book on “Secret Mark” by posting the cover and positive reviews on the back.

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  1. Thanks – great summary – and it will be in the carnival

  2. [...] An obvious choice is to focus on blogging related to this month’s Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. Mike Kok was unable to make it this year, and so attended vicariously through our blogging about the conference, and offered a round-up. [...]

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