Puppies Under the Table?

I have posted some thoughts on the story of the Syrophoenician woman before here, but Larry Hurtado has a few posts here and here that are worth checking out.  I get what he is saying about the diminutive form, but I always thought that Jesus’ (or Mark’s) Jewish cultural context did not look fondly on dogs as they were unclean animals that may eat anything.  I also wonder, as per one of the articles in my last post, if the woman maybe had a different idea of dogs than Jesus because notice that Jesus talks about throwing the bread to the dogs but it is her who brings up the image of dogs under the table.  Finally, even if the Markan Jesus meant “household dogs”, does it still speak derogatorily about the nations who are put in a decidedly secondary role after Israel?  But personally I hope Professor Hurtado is right as it always has been a troubling passage to me so let me know what you think?

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  1. [...] not refer to a scavenger dog of the streets but a household pet.  I posted follow-up questions here, but what may also be relevant to the discussion is Mark Nanos’ online article [...]

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