Call for Posts for Biblical Studies Carnival

Rod has posted a fun South Park themed biblical studies carnival, though this is not the first time that South Park has dived into the Bible (note: please don’t watch if you are easily offended):

(the added music and text at the end kind of spoil this clip)

South Park Peter Rabbit (funny clip I couldn’t find on youtube)

Anyways, I just thought I’d share.  The next Biblical Studies Carnival will be at this blog so PLEASE submit any posts you have written or read from other blogs from June in the comments section below to ensure they get into the Carnival or if you know my email that works too.

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6 Responses to Call for Posts for Biblical Studies Carnival

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  3. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Hi Mike! Thanks for doing the carnival. I’d like to submit the following posts for your consideration (if I’m not too late):

    Psalm 79:

    Psalm 80:

    Psalm 81:

    Psalm 82:

    Mark 11:23, Seneca, and Earthquakes:

    Church Fathers (and Marcion) on the Resurrection Body of Jesus:

    The Divinity of the Holy Spirit in Fourth Century Debate:

    (Note: That deals more with patristics, so I’ll understand if you don’t include it.)

    Did Jesus Speak Hebrew?:

    Brad Young on Markan Priority:

  4. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Hi Mike. I posted some links to posts I’d like to submit. Hope you got the comment!

  5. Mike K. says:

    Thanks guys for the links, I will make sure to get some in :)

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